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I am Monica Anderson, the founder and CEO of Syntience Inc., which is a research company exploring a novel algorithm called Artificial Intuition.

Our goal is to create systems that go beyond mere syntax of language and actually understand what a document (such as a web page) is really about.

I had the initial idea around 2001 and have been working on it ever since (except for 2 years at Google).

The Syntience Research Team (currently about 2-3 researchers including me) is continuously devising new experiments to explore and tune the algorithm. We are also expanding our understanding of the Epistemological foundations of the theory. We want to keep certain hard-won innovations and implementation details to ourselves in the hope that this might allow us to acquire a leading position in this new and exciting field. We are willing to share some of our higher levelĀ  insights on this blog and on our introductory website in order to connect with potential collaborators and investors.

The intent of this blog is first and foremost to be an alternative channel for discussing the topics I started discussing at the Artificial Intuition website. This blog will be more informal in style and will provide more information, more visuals, and will be updated more often. Over time, this blog will start discussing more and more new material but will stop short of discussing trade secrets.

Speaking of updates, this entire blog is “forever beta”. Any page may be updated at any time without notice.


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